Monday, October 2, 2017


Hello October~  How are you doing, everyone?

I'm back. Do you miss me or not? Hahaha. =p

I guess it's been a month I'm not updating anything on my blog. #bloggingslumpproblem #asusualforme

Maybe some of you think that this post already outdated because Duck Cosmetics was launched last month on 2nd of September 2017. 

But, #thisentryalreadyinmydraftforamonth. So, I've decided to do some story and review about this new local makeup product in town after I've bought one of their product. #kenalahgunabarubolehreview 

Aha~ who doesn't know about Duck group. One of most powerful scarf brand locally. Now, Duck is taking one step further in a beauty industry.

From fashion to beauty. How successful we can see Duck has grown in this industry.

For all Duck fans or followers, they will be really anticipated toward Duck cosmetics. Before the launched of the Duck cosmetics, lots of teasers and guessing going around. Then, tadaaa~ the official Duck cosmetics was launched on 2nd of September 2017 in Pavilion.

Truthfully, I'm one of Duck scarves buyer and I totally satisfied with most of the Duck scarves material. #Ivebeenducked

So, when Duck launched the cosmetics, even though I'm not a makeup person. But, I really wanted to see how good are Duck cosmetics will be after their success in producing a beautiful and great quality of scarves. 

Without a further ado, let see the products of Duck cosmetics have launched.


Duck cosmetics consists of :
  • #nofilter Makeup remover - Brightening, Hydrating, and Refreshing ( RM 100 )

This one quite interesting because the makeup remover not only as a makeup remover solely, but it can be a moisturizer and toner at the same time. Whoever, a lazy bunch just like me, to remove a makeup and to put on moisturizer and toner afterwards, this one quite interesting.

  • Lipstickwitu Lipsticks - Bubbly Carol, Joyful Julie, Pinky Phoebe, Ravinishing Janice , Earthy Rachel, Zesty Amy and Dreamy Nora ( RM 70 )

For this one, I can say I like the packaging style which is magnetic. So, you won't lose the lipstick cover. Seriously, I like the lipstick texture also because it is really smooth. 

From the range of the colours, I would go for Bubbly Carol and Dreamy Nora because I'm a natural/nude look kinda person. But, sadly. When I went to the Duck Cosmetics store. The Bubbly Carol already sold out.

And, end of September 2017. Duck released three new colours which are Earthy Rachel, Zesty Amy and Dreamy Nora. I've bought Dreamy Nora. I love the colour even though it is not quite nude 100% but the colour makes my face looks more cheerful.

  • Glossip Girl Lip gloss - Basic Blair, Classy Serena, Lady Eleanor, Sincerely Cece, Vibrant Georgina, Iconic Jenny and Deep Dorota ( RM 60 )

I love the name because it inspired from Gossip Girl TV show whereby I am a big fan of it.  #iloveblair #iloveherfashionandoutfit

So, from Duck lip gloss, I definitely will choose either Basic Blair or Classy Serena. But, after I've tried it at the store. I think the lip gloss just so-so. So, I won't buy it.

Same as lipstickwitu, Duck released three new colours for lip gloss as well. The colours are Vibrant Georgina, Iconic Jenny and Deep Dorota.

  • Matte Decisions Liquid Lipsticks - Dazzling Sookie, Minimally Tracy, and Snazzy Stella ( RM 75 )

Hmmm~ I'm not a matte lipstick fan. But, there are lots of beautiful colours from these matte lipsticks Seriously, I like Minimally Tracy colour. But, when I try it out, I'm not quite like it because you need to pull it out carefully to avoid the lipstick messing up on the top of the cover. The other reason that I won't buy because I think the texture dry too fast and I'm not a matte lipsticks fan either. =)

  • Matte Decision Liquid Lipsticks ( Metallic ) - Fearless Lane and Zealous Zoey ( RM 75 )
This one still under Matte range lipstick. But, if you want to look more bold and outstanding. This metallic colours really suits that kind of look.

  • All-Eye-Ask Eyeshadow  - Nude and Smokey ( RM 135 )

Like I said before, I'm not a makeup person. So, I'm not quite using eyeshadow. But, from these two palettes of eyeshadow. I definitely will go for nude.

But, for me. You don't need to get both of the palettes as well because of the colour tone for both palettes quite similar but not same. Still, up to you if you want to buy both . =D


What I like about Duck cosmetics after visited the store?


Obviously, I like the minimal style of the Duck cosmetics store, whereby they play only with purple and white colour. After all, that was The Duck group corporate colour, right? hihihi.

The layout of the store also quite simple and nice. I love it!!!

Like other beauty or makeup store, you can try and play around with the makeup before you make a decision which one to buy, right? And, in Duck cosmetics store they have that too. Yeay!!!


After tryout all the lipsticks range at the store. The Bubbly Carol colour was my choice because I really like a nude or natural colour. But, it is already sold out.

After they released the new colours, I've bought the Dreamy Nora colour.  So yeah, for me the texture of this lipstick not so bad.

I really wanted to buy the #nofilter makeup remover but the price is quite expensive for me.

I love this part. I wish I could have that bath tub for my own home <3


So, let's talk about the price range of Duck cosmetics. Truthfully, the price is quite expensive just like some of the makeup brands that we can find in Sephora or other beauty shops.

I know there are lots of criticizes or negative comments about the price because it is just a local brand.

But, we should just think about Duck vision after all. It is not easy to produce one product from scratch.  And, they are not competing only with local brands. They are competing with other international brands as well.

So, if the quality of the brand is really impressive. We shouldn't be blabbing so much. If they are a good brand. Then, they can make our country proud if they go international ( just like Duck scarves). After all, we should support our #localbrand #prayfortheirbest.

If you think that the price is totally ridiculous. You can choose not to buy it. All the decisions are up to you. I also not buying all of it because of #imnotamakeupdiehardfan #ialsothinkthepricequiteexpensive . Hahaha

But, I guess if you are a die-hard fan of Duck group, there will be no issue regarding the price because whatever happens. You still want to get it. Hahaha. Right? or Not?

There you go, let's stop talking about the price. okay? #qualityismostimportant 

Coming soon.... very soon...soon


I want this robe <3

Well, like I said before, I'm a person who rarely wears lipstick. Usually, I'll put only lip balm whenever I'm going out. But, I really like blusher because I love to see a pink cheek. hihi.

Therefore, I hope Duck Cosmetics would come out with their own lip balm and blusher in future.

Really looking forward for it. <3

Or maybe one day, Duck will come out with facial foam, moisturizer, toner, body soap, scrub and lots more. Who knows right? #alwaysprayfortheirbest

I heard they will come out with hair product later. Let's us wait patiently.

So, have you buy and try out the Duck cosmetics? If yes, what do you think about it?

Lastly, congratulations and well-done Duck group and Vivy Yusof for this new product.

Duck for life !!! <3

Thank you for reading, everyone. <3


  1. hahah rasa down baca post ni mengenangkan betapa jauh dari realiti nak get into all these cosmetics :D still pakai lip balm je, tgh maintain pakai bb cream.

    1. worries lama2 or nanti bila Hanis dah start kerja maybe akan ada one time kena jugak makeup. nadia pun baru je skrang berjinak2 dgn makeup after 30 years old #lembabsungguh hahaha

      Kannn... Nadia pun suka lip balm je =)

  2. I've been eye-ing this brand when it's widely promoted by vivy but then, looking at the price, I would have to say no.. :3

  3. I'm not a makeup junkie too so i asked my sister about Duck Cosmetic because she's a certified makeup artist plus she already went to Duck store and tried it out. She said Duck lipsticks is almost like Urban Decay quality wise but not their eye palette. I personally want at least 1 Duck lippie hahaha

    1. oh really... ok, Nadia baru tahu Duck almost like Urban Decay. I've heard Urban Decay brand before but never tried it out . Plus I'm not a makeup person too. Setakat pakai lip balm and BB cream yes . hihi

      If you nak atleast satu from their lippie category , I suggest the Lipstickwitu. For me personally I like the texture. =)

  4. Im not really a makeup fan either, but seeing duck achieving this kind of level me be like woahx, for me the price is quite reasonable depends on Duck target market (premium member), and also if that was the price it does have that quality ingredients on the makeup stuff.

    Im not really a Duck fans but I love seeing people wear it especially you Nadiah <3 :D

    May Duck achieve their noble vision and yeah I respect Vivy :D

    1. Nice of you...terjebak dgn Duck shawl sbb tgk Vivy pakai canik je. Personally , if I wear any of Duck scarf , I feel really selekeh . Hahhahaha.

      Different people different thought/perception. You think the price reasonable but for me a little bit pricey. Hihi

  5. hi nadia...wahhh dah singgah juga ya ke cometic store vivy yusof ni.hehe...btw,even i fan with vivy yusof,tapi till now i never bought anything from her branding..entahlah maybe i agak kedekut sikit..haha teringin juga nak beli scarf vivy ni..insyaALLAH SOON..btw even boleh je beli but i always calculate double sometimes triple before i bought something too expensive..for lipstick,currently i use lipstick from marry kay support my friend..only rm55.maybe next time i should try from duck juga..kan..btw u nampak cantik je walaupun hanya dengan lip balm dear..but sometimes biasalah perempuan kan..mesti keterujaan mencuba sesuatu tu yang baru tu tinggi kan

    1. Thank you Irda for the compliments. Nice of you. Tapi memang Nadia minat lip balm more. hihihi.

      Actually, mmg agak mengira jugak masa mula-mula nak beli Duckscarves. Tapi, skali beli dah terjebak adoii and tak boleh berhenti.

      But now I guess I need to stop sebab bila kira balik total semua agak membazir jugak sbnrnya. hihi

      Mary Kay pun best. I've used one of Mary Kay lipstick. Suka the color because it more to nude color. <3


Thank you for reading and comments . (^_^) .