Sunday, September 3, 2017


Hello, everyone~

Yes, we are still in holiday mood. One more day left before we back to work. Noooo~ I need more holiday. Everyone needs more holiday too right? Hihihi...

Aha~ do you even curious why the title " WALL OF ' FAME' " ?. Hihihi... actually I just don't know what title it should be. But, because this post will be related to the wall, so, that is why this wall of fame title come out from my head. =p

If you Google the meaning WALL OF ' FAME', it will be something about a wall that posted a lot of achievements such as award or certificate.

But, in my own context of " WALL OF ' FAME' " I'm referring to a beautiful, unique, rare wall that been use for OOTD or Instagram picture. hahaha.

So, I guess this post can be categorize under personal or photography. =p

Okay, I will ask you a question. Are you a person who loves or obsessed with the beautiful wall for the sake of photography, Instagram or OOTD? 

If yes, then you are in the same group as me. Give me high 5 !! Hihihi...

Here the story goes. For this year Hari Raya Aidil Adha I'll be celebrated at my husband side. Meaning, I won't be travel outside Klang Valley because my husband grandmother house is in Klang.

Then, I've received an email there is MPH Bookstores Exhibition held at Setia City Convention Centre. If you already follow me quite a while. You must know that I'm a book lover as well. So, went to the exhibition is a must. Hahaha.

I've been to Setia City Mall but never been to Setia City Convention Centre before. Once, arrived at the exhibition hall. I saw this beautiful wall just nice if I wanted to share a picture on my Instagram account.

Oh, I really particular about my Instagram timeline by arranging the pictures nicely. Actually, my timeline can't be consider as beautiful yet. But, I do learn a little bit from other famous Instagrammers who have beautiful pictures on their Instagram timeline. 

Before this, I've learned from one of my Instagram friend, name Irinahanim. Her Instagram timeline more to minimal pictures. Minimal pictures meaning a picture with a beautiful, unique and rare background or wall with a mini subject. Hihi.

So, when I saw that beautiful wall at SCCC, immediately I asked my husband favor to shot a minimal photo just like I shot my husband photo.

Let's see what are the picture that I'm talking about.

This is a minimal picture of my husband
The best part is, I've got candy cotton that can be used as additional props to make the picture looks a little bit nice, I guess. What do you think? Do you get what I mean by a minimal photo? hihihi

I'm a happy woman because, on that day, I've got a new book, cotton candy and a nice minimal picture with a wall of fame. Hahaha

Orang raya gie tengok korban , aku sibuk exhibition buku and wall of fame =p

Yummy cotton candy

Emoji detected ­čĺâ

Minimal OOTD =p
Once we arrived at my husband grandmother home. The photo shoot still going on around the house. Hihihi... #sebabsayatakadakampung #nakjugakgambaradafeelingkampung #suamiterpaksalayan

Here some of my pictures featuring kampung environment. For Hari Raya, I'm wearing full modern batik baju kurung from @parcaapparels and fluff duck scarves shawl from @theduckgroup.

Fluff from duck scarves is a cotton material. The material quite see through, so you need to wear an inner neck if you wanted to donning an effortless style. If not, you can just donning it just like me. Wrap around your neck. Because the material is not easily slipped off, you don't need to use a lot of pins to secure your shawl. =)

Selamat Hari Raya from us <3
That's all for now. Till my next post.

Happy holiday, all. <3

Thank you for reading.

P/s: Do you like Hall of Fame by The Script feat Will.I.Am song? I really love that song. A motivation song for me and the song is my workout or running song as well. =D


  1. the first pic... intai sape tuuuuu :D hahaha

    yeah, you explained well about the minimal style :D cantik sangat.. especially with the correct angles, straight from top to bottom - these criteria make a photo to be instagramable :D haha new 'word' though.

    it's been awhile to see someone wearing that batik pattern. tekstur kain dia macam kain batik betul ke?

    1. hihihi...intai orang dalam masjid =)

      actually tue dinding Masjis Kapitan keling, Penang. Lawa kan dinding nya <3

      Alhamdulillah , sampai jugak message minimal photo yang nadia nak sampaikan hihii. feel glad <3

      yeah " instagramable " also can =)

      nadia memang jenis minat kain batik dear. Aah memang tekstur nya kain batik cotton. Tapi nie nadia dah beli siap. =)

  2. Lahhh masjid tu keee. Hari tu tengok dari luar je, tak singgah pulak :D

    Kita suka pakai kain batik jugak kadang2 sebab senang. Cuma bila pakai kain batik (yang betul2 kain ikat kat pinggang tu, memang nampak macam org berpantang T_T) Dah lama takde baju kurung cotton hehe

    1. aah masjid tue. hihii =)

      hahaha~ tue betul . If pakai kain batik yang ikat pinggang tue mmg mcm orang berpantang . tapi, nadia memang tak pakai kain batik yang gitu. Pakai kain batik yang mmg dah siap getah utk pakai dgn baju kurung etc.

      ye ke... hanis dah balik Malaysia for good nie boleh lah beli and pakai baju kurung cotton balik <3

  3. Nadia, your baju kurung is so beautiful!! <3
    kalau fatina pergi MPH waktu first day raya mesti seronok dapat jumpa Nadia hehe :D
    Anyway, selamat hari raya aidiladha :)


    1. thank you~ baju tue Nadia beli dari parcaaapparels Fatina.

      Kannn~ mesti dapat jumpa. It's ok maybe next time <3

      Selamat hari raya aidiladha too~

  4. Serius lawa dinding tu. siqah pun tak pernah pergi SCCC. Biasa g SCM je. Cantik kombinasi warna dinding tu.

    Baru perasan. Nadia tukar blog template! Cantik <3

    1. kannn yank. Dinding tue cantik. <3

      Aah tukat template sebulan lepas. Lepas tukar template buat entri pasal template baru then tak udpate blog sampai kesudahnya.

      Today baru up satu entri pasal duck cosmetics . Lembab betul up entri. Hahaha. =p

  5. Nadia you are so beautiful, okay gambar sneaking kat tingkap tu lucu. haha


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