Tuesday, May 22, 2018


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Hello everyone,

If you are planning to give or send your loved ones, family and friends with a unique gift on occasions or holidays, why not consider the gift of a fruit basket? 

The florist , assures you that a basket of fruits you order from them contains an assortment of fresh and healthy fruits. Just like bouquets or birthday flowers, the fruit baskets are pre-made for a gift but you can always choose to customize a fruit basket for the celebrant or recipient. 

Here are the popular options for fruits to add in a fruit basket:
Apples: Any fruit basket in the flower shop contains apples in different varieties and colours. They are always a fruit basket favourite because everyone loves apples and because they have a long shelf life.

Pineapples: Pineapple is also a staple fruit in any fruit baskets. The florist always adds one to a basket not only because it is a nutritious fruit but also because the basket looks nice and elegant with a pineapple on it. It makes the presentation more fabulous.

Pears: They are also one of the favourites and the recipient would be glad to see several pieces of pears on the gift of a fruit basket. However, not all fruit baskets contain pears. This is because pears have a very delicate skin and they require careful protection when shipping or transporting the basket. If you are sending a basket of fruits just within the local areas for same day flower delivery, adding pears to the assortment is a great idea.

Citrus fruits: Among the most favourites when it comes to citrus fruits are the oranges, grapefruits, and nectarines. Although they are big in size, they come in a variety of colours and sizes, which make the basket looks more colourful and attractive. They are tasty as well, and delicious. On the other hand, they make the basket heavier. If you want some of these citrus fruits, you can choose a bigger basket.

Grapes and Berries: Grapes and berries are placed on top of the fruits because they have more delicate skin. These fruits are good to go for same day delivery because they do not have a long shelf life. If the fruit basket is intended for delivery that requires a long distance, it is better that you avoid adding grapes and berries in the assortment. The delivery of flowers and fruits should be done with proper care. 

Really a great options of fruits. Instead of we, always give a bouquet of flower for loved ones. A delivery of fresh flowers and fresh fruits is a fantastic way of giving your loved one, everyone or anyone as a gift. It is not only beautiful but it is a nice and healthy snack too. 

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  1. Idea yang menarik, Tak semesti bila lawat orang sakit je nak kena bagi buah ek hehe.

    Happy fasting sis :D

    1. kannn... atleast buah boleh makan dan sihat =) tahan lama skit dari bunga hihi

  2. yg penting sapa yg dpt tu mmg suka laa kannn ;-)

  3. bestnya dpt fruit basket, kenyang makan...
    lagi2 buah kan makanan berkhasiat ...
    banana and grapes please! hehe.

    1. kannnn ... nadia suka grapes too.

      Tapi, kurang skit banana but okay lah =)


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