Saturday, April 1, 2017


After I've waited a year for this movie to be released . I bet everyone are waiting for it too , right ? And all of the issue regarding the postponement release date due to homosexual scene. Finally , the movie released on 30th March 2017 in Malaysia.

Even , I didn't get a chance to watched this movie on it's first released day . I'm so thankful that my husband willingly to be my guest to watch this fairy tales movie. I even bought two times ticket in one day because I mistakenly bought the wrong time. Hahaha. It really showed that I really really wanted  to watch this movie on that particular day. #burnduitakuadoiyai

I really feel overwhelmed when a fairy tales come alive. Everything was just perfect !!!! Beautiful and magical . Plus , Belle character played by EMMA WATSON !!! It's EMMA WATSON we talking about here. Oh I'm totally love her since Harry Potter . Do you like her as well ? Love her British accent . She is so beautiful and lovely.

For two and a half hours , my lips can't stop smiling . I feel like I'm in my own world . I even didn't noticed if my husband either watched or sleep . I guessed he is totally fall asleep. Hahaha.

Here the story goes.

Belle ( Emma Watson )  a bright , beautiful and independent woman is taken prisoner by a beast ( Dan Stevens ) in its castle. Despite her fears, she befriends with the castle's enchanted staffs and learn to look beyond the beast hideous exterior, allowing her to recognize the kind heart and soul of the true prince that hides on the inside. ( Sources Google )

I totally love fairy tales and musical movie . Every girls love fairy tales right ? Plus, we grow up with this childhood fairy tales. So, when it comes to life , nothing much can I said . PERFECTO !!! Oh wait did I just repeated what I said? Hahahaha. LOVEEEE IT!!!

The main reason I wanted to watch this because of Emma Watson as Belle . For me it was a great choice . She nailed it . Totally beautiful . 

For the Beast  he is so handsome even though he only appeared on the last part. Hiks.

Gaston character makes me angry . Seriously , I  hate him. if I'm at Maurice place , I will do the same. I will not let my daughter married a man like Gaston . NEVER !!! 

All other actors and actresses also done a great job with their role . Makes the movie so lively and fun.

Even it was just a fairy tales but there are some moral of the story that lies beneath its story line.
- Beauty comes from within : love doesn't judge by looks only
- Don't judge a book by its cover : when the witch come to the castle , the Prince thought that she is not a good person because of her ugly face. But, actually she is not a witch but a fairy and that when the curse happened.
- Be kind to everyone : If you treat a person nicely , you will get a better gift and life.
- Love and family are the importance thing in life : Love can heal hatred and makes us strong to face any difficulty in life.

Belle is a book worm . I love books too. So, I can feel what Belle feel when the Beast show her the books room. 

And, that scene reminded me of my late father . He wished to have just like that books room. But, our home is not that big. So, my late father just renovated our house. He made an attic that looks quite similar to the room in that movie but exclude the removable stairs. Hihihi. 

I love it all !!! Especially the original soundtrack : Beauty and the Beast . All songs available in iTunes. You can buy it from there.

Everything fit so well with all the characters .  The yellow gold dress wore by Belle was the one that I love the most. I bet every girls feel the same like me. Totally beautiful. 

They done it perfectly . Everything turn it lively even most of the scenes was in a studio. It looks real. Good work !!! 

The scene that I love the most are the dancing part - The yellow dress part and the ending part. 

What else ? Hmmm... I guess that's all from me.

What about you? What do you think about this movie?

Oh ya, before I forgot. You can even Pre-order the movie from iTunes to keep it in your phone. Hihihi

Enjoy your movie . =D

Rating : 5/5


  1. erin baru nak tengok esok! tak sabarnyaaaaaa :D

    1. hihihi..I know u already watched sebab I saw your insta story. best kannn!! rasa nak tengok lagi sekali kan =)

  2. Kan! Kan!! Perfect and beautiful movie! Rasa nak tengok sekali lagi. Hii. Part last dance paling win <3

    1. sangat best sebab semua perfect !!! Emma Watson cantik gila.

      Memang part dance yang yellow dress tue paling win win win.

      Jom tengok lagi skali sesama . Teman Hanis . Hiks.

  3. belum berkesempatan nak tengok beauty and the beast!

  4. so many good reviews! i need to watch this movie.
    im always adore emma watson, she is dream girl.

  5. Tak tengok lagi... Nak pergi tengok jugaakkk... ­čśş

  6. Mek kena tgu astro best kluar bru dpt tgk :)

    1. Aah , mek tgh berpantang lagi kan . Tak pe je tggu je nanti Astro kuar . =)

  7. minat emma watson �� dlm B&B dia cantik. dlm HP dia comel

    1. Kannn!!! Confirm ramai gila orang suka Emma Watson . Andddd , agree sgn Nour . B&B dia cantik and HP dia comel =)

  8. Belum tengok. Tapi, selalu excited bila baca part book room Beast tu. Hehe
    Nak jugak ada yang sendiri punya. ;)

    1. kannn tersgt happy if kita dapat book room mcm tue. =)

  9. Mai tengok dgn anak buah, boleh pula tertidur. Hahaha. Apapun, anak buah tak terkesan langsung pasal babak gay tu, dia tak tahu apa pun, hahahahaha.

    1. Kann... bila tgk memang kita sendiri pun tak perasan yang dorang tue gay. Hihihi


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